Kathleen Losey

Oil  |  Watercolor   |   Acrylic


About me

I LOVE BEAUTY AND THINGS OF BEAUTY.  That is what I paint...though I know it is all in the eyes of the beholder.  Whether it is a flower, a creature from nature, a female figure, an abstract design derived from my imagination or just shapes and colors, I strive to find beauty in the object or objects and express my feelings about them in an imaginative and creative way.

My personal life experiences and things that visually speak to me, spark my imagination and inspire my artistic vision.  I love to explore themes of muses, mentors, life changes, organic and floral imagery, nature, living creatures and the myriad feelings and emotions within which we feel, live and breathe.  I record with imagination and creativity the things that interest me in my life.

I have been an interior designer for over 40 years and have worked within a framework that is filled with beautiful things...fabrics, furnishings, accessories, antiques, textiles...AND COLOR.  I know that I have an innate sense of color which has been enhanced and further developed by the many years of design work.  This love of color and creativity have translated into my art and how I paint.

I have studied art in private classes and workshops since 1968 and continue to do so.  I am presently exploring new places and  spaces to show my work.